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Quietum Plus is a dietary supplement marketed for supporting hearing health using a blend of natural ingredients.

  • Enhances hearing clarity
  • Reduces tinnitus symptoms
  • Supports ear health

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What Is Quietum Plus?

Quietum Plus is presented as a natural health supplement designed to support and improve hearing health. It is marketed primarily towards individuals experiencing hearing difficulties, including conditions such as tinnitus, which is characterized by ringing or other noises in the ear when no external sound is present. The product claims to offer a solution to these issues through a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts.

The formulation of Quietum Plus includes ingredients that are commonly found in dietary supplements and are believed to have various health benefits. These ingredients include amino acids like L-tyrosine and L-arginine, vitamins such as Vitamin A and B, and minerals like zinc. The combination of these components is said to support ear health by improving blood flow, reducing the impact of free radicals, and enhancing overall auditory nerve function.

One of the key selling points of Quietum Plus is its all-natural ingredient list, which is intended to minimize the risk of side effects that can be associated with synthetic compounds. The product is manufactured in the USA in FDA-compliant facilities, which is a standard assurance given to suggest quality and safety in production.

The supplement is also accompanied by testimonials on its websites, where customers share their positive experiences regarding the alleviation of their hearing issues after using Quietum Plus. These anecdotes serve as a persuasive element for potential buyers, suggesting that the product has worked for others with similar conditions.

Quietum Plus is sold with a money-back guarantee, offering customers the option to return the product if they are not satisfied with the results. This guarantee is a common feature in the supplement industry, aimed at reducing the perceived risk for consumers and encouraging them to try the product.

Despite the claims and testimonials, it is important for consumers to approach Quietum Plus with a critical eye. Dietary supplements are not strictly regulated like pharmaceutical drugs, and their efficacy is not always supported by rigorous scientific research. Consumers should consult healthcare professionals before starting any new supplement, especially those with existing health conditions or those who are taking other medications.

Quietum Plus Supplement

Quietum Plus Reviews: Real Users, Real Results

Quietum Plus Taylor
Taylor P.
Verified Purchase ✅

I've struggled with mild tinnitus for years and nothing seemed to help. After a month of taking Quietum Plus, there's a noticeable difference. The ringing has subsided, and I feel like I can enjoy quiet moments again.

Quietum Plus Casey
Casey V.
Verified Purchase ✅

As someone who's always been skeptical about supplements, I was pleasantly surprised by Quietum Plus. My hearing feels clearer, and I don't have to ask people to repeat themselves anymore. It's been a game-changer for my daily conversations.

Quietum Plus Peyton
Peyton B.
Verified Purchase ✅

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Quietum Plus has exceeded my expectations. The constant buzzing in my ears has almost gone, and I find that I'm not as bothered by loud environments as I used to be. I'm definitely going to continue using it.

How Does Quietum Plus Work?

Quietum Plus operates on the premise of using natural ingredients to target the underlying causes of hearing issues such as tinnitus. It is designed to improve auditory health by enhancing blood circulation to the ears, combating oxidative stress with antioxidants, and providing nutritional support to the auditory system. The supplement aims to nourish and protect the ears from damage, potentially improving hearing quality and reducing symptoms like the persistent ringing associated with tinnitus.

  • Quietum Plus aims to improve blood circulation in the ear, which is essential for healthy hearing function.

  • It contains antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress, a factor that can contribute to hearing loss.

  • The supplement provides nutritional support with vitamins and minerals known to be beneficial for ear health.

  • It includes amino acids that may help in the regeneration and protection of ear cells.

  • Quietum Plus works to reduce symptoms of tinnitus by addressing the possible nutritional deficiencies related to ear health.

  • It supports the health of the auditory nerve, which is crucial for transmitting sound signals to the brain.

  • Made in the USA in an FDA-Approved Facility

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Quietum Plus

Quietum Plus Ingredients: What's Inside?

The composition of Quietum Plus is a carefully curated blend of natural ingredients, each selected for their potential benefits to ear health and hearing support. This supplement combines vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, including well-known substances like L-tyrosine, L-arginine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, zinc, and a variety of botanicals that have been traditionally used to support auditory functions and overall wellness.

Here is a list of major Quietum Plus Vitamins & Ingredients along with their benefits: 



L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is crucial for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which play a role in cognitive and auditory processes, potentially influencing hearing health.


L-Arginine, another amino acid, is known for its role in blood flow enhancement, which is vital for delivering nutrients to the ear and supporting healthy hearing functions.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining the health of the eyes and skin, and it also plays a role in the proper functioning of the ear, particularly in the health of the auditory canal.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex, which includes a range of vitamins, is important for overall health, with specific types like B12 being crucial for nerve health and potentially beneficial for hearing.


Zinc is a mineral that is involved in immune function and cell growth, with studies suggesting it plays a role in maintaining inner ear health and possibly reducing tinnitus symptoms.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a traditional Chinese herb that is often used for its purported health benefits, including circulation improvement, which could influence ear health.


Yam, often included for its antioxidant properties, may contribute to reducing inflammation and supporting the overall health of the auditory system.


Motherwort is an herb traditionally used for its cardiovascular benefits, which could indirectly support ear health through improved blood flow and circulation.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh has been used in herbal medicine for various health issues; its inclusion in Quietum Plus may be aimed at improving hormonal balance and reducing stress, factors that can affect hearing.

Oat Grass

Oat Grass, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, could support the body's overall well-being, including the health of the ears by protecting against environmental stressors and oxidative damage.
Quietum Plus Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the effectiveness and quality of our Quietum Plus supplement. To back up this confidence, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days from the date of purchase.

If you are not satisfied with Quietum Plus for any reason, simply contact us through our dedicated Quietum Plus portal. We will process your refund within 48 hours of receiving the returned product, even if the bottles are empty.

Benefits of Quietum Plus

Quietum Plus is marketed as a comprehensive dietary supplement that offers a range of benefits for auditory health, leveraging its natural ingredients to potentially improve hearing, reduce symptoms of tinnitus, and protect the ears from age-related decline. By nourishing the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, it aims to enhance overall ear function and health, offering a holistic approach to those seeking auditory support.

When taken regularly as part of your daily routine, Quietum Plus can help you experience the following benefits:

  • Improved Hearing: The supplement is designed to enhance the auditory system's functioning, potentially leading to better hearing capabilities.
  • Tinnitus Relief: Quietum Plus targets the symptoms of tinnitus, aiming to reduce the persistent ringing and noise in the ears.
  • Ear Protection: It may protect the ear from damage by providing nutritional support and combating oxidative stress.
  • Cognitive Health: Some ingredients in Quietum Plus are known to support cognitive functions, which could indirectly benefit hearing and comprehension.
  • Stress Reduction: The herbal components may offer a calming effect, reducing stress levels that can negatively impact hearing health.
  • Immune Support: With ingredients like zinc, Quietum Plus also contributes to the overall immune system, which is important for maintaining ear health.

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Quietum Plus Frequently Asked Questions

There is no evidence to suggest that Quietum Plus is a scam. It's just that people are spreading fake news to attract more clicks and views. The product is made by a reputable company, Maximum Edge Nutrition, and is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. Quietum Plus is also backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can try it risk-free.

Millions of customers have tried Quietum Plus supplement, and so far, we have not had any reports of severe side effects. Nonetheless, for safety reasons, we consistently advise speaking with a medical professional prior to initiating any new supplement routine.

The recommended dosage of Quietum Plus is to take one full drop/pill of the supplement under your tongue every morning before breakfast. You can also mix the drop/pill with a glass of water or any other liquid and drink it. A single bottle of Quietum Plus contains 60 drops/pills of the supplement, which is enough for a month's use.

We place immense value on your online privacy and take the security of your sensitive information very seriously when you make a purchase of the Quietum Plus supplement. Moreover, your transaction is safeguarded by the long-standing reputation and comprehensive experience of ClickBank in managing online purchases.

We are confident that Quietum Plus will yield positive results for you, as it has for millions of satisfied customers. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact our customer support team anytime within 60 days via email, and we will issue a full 100% money-back without any questions asked. This ensures that your investment in Quietum Plus is completely risk-free.

Due to the high volume of orders we have been receiving recently, we make every effort to ship your order within 24 hours during any given work day of the week. We'll email you a tracking number to follow your package's journey. Usually, our customers receive their orders in 5 to 10 days.

How To Buy Quietum Plus?

To order Quietum Plus, simply click the "Quietum Plus Image" beneath this text. This will direct you to a secure checkout page where you can enter your information. Once completed, your Quietum Plus supplement will be on its way to your doorstep.

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